Small and Networked Fire Detection Systems

Whether you have a small building or a huge facility, Intelligent Facility Services are your number one choice for bespoke fire protection solutions.

We install, repair and maintain:

  • Connector.

    Fire Alarms

  • Connector.

    Dry Risers

  • Connector.

    Aspirating System

Fire Detection Systems

Intelligent Facility Services specialises in Installing and maintaining Fire Detection systems from small-stand alone to large networking panels. We also use open protocol systems so the client isn’t bound to one service provider.

We’ve worked on panels such as Kentech, Morley, Notifier, Hayes, Advanced, C-Tech-XFP and many more.
No job is too big as we have fully-qualified staff and engineers to suit the client’s criteria of works.

Wireless Fire Alarm System – the Benefits

Intelligent Facility Services also specialise in RF (radio frequency) or wireless fire alarm systems and are full agents for EMS radio fire alarm systems. Wireless fire alarms enable cable-free communication between detectors, sounders and the main control panel. It’s an increasingly popular option as it reduces installation time and disturbance and removes the need for running cables – often hard or impossible to install in historic buildings due to space or conservation constraints.

VESDA System for Very Early Smoke Detection

We also supply, install and maintain Vesda systems (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) VESDA is a trade mark of Xtralis but rather like the term Hoover, VESDA systems have become a generic name for most air sampling applications. They sample the air in your building using an aspirating ‘sniffer pipe’ which takes an air quality reading using its laser detection chamber. To read more about VESDA fire suppression.

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